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Malaysian Gamer: Trine 2 review

Our man at Malaysian Gamer, frags, has written up a review about the sequel to the most fairy-taleish game I've played in the last few years. I personally haven't played Trine 2 yet, as I'm still struggling with the first one, but I'm looking forward to good things if its predecessor is any indication. So is it good? Read the review to find out!

What does a Wizard, a Warrior, and a Thief... I'm sorry, I meant an entrepreneur, have in common? They were all in the indie physics puzzle game Trine released back in 2009. Trine was a physics based co-op platformer that allowed 2 player to play through the game, solving physics puzzles along the way while taking on some enemies(mostly trolls). Frozenbyte, the developers of Trine has released a sequel. For Trine 2, Frozenbyte expanded on it quite a bit. The game has more depth in terms of levelling your character and introduces new physics puzzles and 3 player co-op(at last!).

Trine 2 starts off much in the same way Trine did... the Wizard, the thief and the warrior pre occupied in their own little thing get brought together by the Trine. The world in in peril yet again and it is up to our 3 intrepid heroes to stop the impending doom. Something about killer plants, plants that have gone wild threatening the world and along the way, you discover a mysterious figure behind the plot. There really isn't much in the narrative that will hold your attention. It's typical fantasy stuff that is more child like(not the darker fantasy stuff)... more whimsical.

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About the author: frags prefers playing his first person shooters with background music from Pink Floyd. It's a religious and spiritual experience. Recommends others to try it out.

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