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Malaysian Gamer reviews Alan Wake

frags has gotten his weird on with a review of Alan Wake's PC version. Personally, I've always been a sucker for stories about writers. What's more, we haven't really had any notable game protagonists who are writers outside of the adventure game genre, so I've been really interested in this game. Is it actually worth playing, though? Read the full review here.

I've been a huge fan of Remedy Entertainment since the original release of Max Payne(2001). It was a third person action game that took the world by storm as it unleashed its furious gun fights that were influenced by the John Woo style of violence with beautiful cinematography. In other words... it was the introduction of bullet time and slow mo effects in games. When I read the news that Remedy were working on Alan Wake, I was delighted at first and later horrified that it was to be an XBOX360 exclusive with Microsoft as the publisher. After multiple delays and rumours that the project had been put on hold, Alan Wake finally arrived on the XBOX360 in 2010 and two years later, here it is... on the PC... the platform it was first showcased on.

With Alan Wake, Remedy explored and expanded the narrative elements a lot more(literally, as the plot is focused on a writer and his written work). They've clearly been influenced by films and TV series as each level or chunk of story is presented as a single episode. Each episode is preceded by a recap of the previous episode(previously on Alan Wake...) and ends with an outro with song and all that like a proper ending to a TV series. The episodes end in a cliff hanger with cinematography techniques clearly inspired by the works of film.

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About the author: frags prefers playing his first person shooters with background music from Pink Floyd. It's a religious and spiritual experience. Recommends others to try it out.

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