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Indie Royale: The Spring Bundle

Another Indie Royale Bundle is out after the April's Fool Bundle and right now we've got 6 games (if you pay for at least $5 you will also get Danimal Cannon's acclaimed chiptune music album Roots).

  • Unstoppable Gorg - Get ready to experience a revolution in tower defense that will send you spinning. Unstoppable Gorg challenges you to defend the solar system from fearsome aliens by sending satellites into orbit. Unlike other tower defense games, in Unstoppable Gorg you can move your towers by rotating the orbits that surround planets, moons and space stations.(Available for Steam (pc and mac), Windows, Desura)

  • Depths of Peril - A single player action RPG (role playing game) with strong strategy elements. You play as a faction leader protecting the barbarian city, Jorvik, by destroying threatening monsters and completing quests. At the same time, you compete with rival factions to see who will rule the city. Barbarians choose their leaders by fighting to the death!(Available for Steam (pc and mac), Windows,MacDesura)

  • Tobe's Vertical Adventure - An indie, retro, platformer starring Tobe, the overly devoted gamer who's been forced on a treasure hunt by his materialistic crush, Nana. The big head duo will travel back and forth in the crumbling caves in search of treasures while rescuing fluffy animals, making you scream kawaii ne~ along the way.(Available for Steam)

  • Inferno+ - An atmospheric twin-stick action-RPG. Explore 40+ levels with your drone companions while upgrading your ship, collecting gold, discovering secrets, unlocking achievements, and destroying everything in sight.(Available for Windows,Mac,Desura)

  • Slydris - A unique and elegant puzzle game that feels fresh and familiar at the same time. Slide and drop blocks into rows across 3 modes while collecting achievements and comparing your scores to the best around the world.(Available for Windows,Mac,Desura)

  • Ballistic - A highly-polished intense twin-stick arcade shooter with infinite waves, 5 two-minute challenges, achievements, and online leaderboards. Use Ballistics mode to trade off speed for firepower, and choose and combine 9 different upgrades to customize your ship.(Available for Windows,Mac,Desura)

Seriously I wasn't really going to buy this bundle but what the heck. I've always said that I'll post some impressions of these games that I buy from indie bundles but I always forget (sorry!). Did you guys buy any bundles from the past weeks? It's kinda sad that some games are getting in the bundle multiple times and sadly, at the same time! But what about you guys? What are your opinions regarding this?

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