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Humble Bundle for Android 3

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Hello guys! Last Wednesday, I saw on Twitter that a new Humble bundle is now live! This bundle contains 5 games available for Android and PC. The following games are:

  • Fieldrunners - Take your towers on the offensive against an endless sprawl of baddies in this tower defense classic. Your goal is to keep your opponents from crossing the battlefield and taking you down. Populate everything in between with deadly towers and create intricate mazes to incinerate, freeze, laser, and electrocute your way to victory.
  • BIT.TRIP BEAT - A charming, retro-inspired music rhythm game. Players must deflect an onslaught of projectiles, each successful deflection resulting in a musical sound. Link ‘em together to get a rhythm going! Every move is crucial, as letting anything through will threaten to disrupt the beat
  • SpaceChem - Players take on the role of a Reactor Engineer, designing complex reactors that transform raw atoms into the complex chemicals needed to survive sinister threats on the frontier colonies of space.  It’s a maddeningly addictive puzzle game, and with the help of the built in level editor, it’s ensured that you’ll have plenty of challenging atomic manipulation at your fingertips. -This version is designed for tablet so better try out the demo first.
  • Uplink - Break into computer systems and nab valuable, secret information as you take on the role of a hacker for-hire in Uplink. The hacking gameplay in Uplink is textbook cyberpunk, complete with cracking software, credits, and nasty megacorporations. It's like a puzzle-adventure with all the action taking place between bits and bytes in cyberspace. -This version is designed for tablet so better try out the demo first.

If you buy this bundle more than the average price, you will also get this:

  • Spirits - In this beautiful puzzle-platformer, autumn has arrived and you must help the spirits of fallen leaves find their way home. With only indirect control at your fingertips, you must choose a few good spirits to build stairs, change wind flow, and act as guides for the rest of the spirits, making decisions that may ultimately sacrifice the few to save the many. This really feels like Lemmings, I love that game! -me
People may wonder why Humble Bundle make indie bundles for Android. I say why not? It's great! These games deserve more exposure! Also included are the soundtracks for all the games on this bundle!  I really hope there will be more indie bundle like this in the future so we can have more games on our Android devices.


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