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Humble Botanicula Debut

Hello guys! The Indie Royale Spring Bundle just came up another one is just getting released! It's the Humble Botanicula Debut.

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The games included in the bundle are all made by Amanita Design, a small independent game developing studio based in the Czech Republic.

  • Botanicula - The latest and greatest example of Amanita Design's unique storybook vision brought to vivid fruition in a point-and-click adventure game.
  • Machinarium - Guide a heroic little robot on his quest to save his friends from a trio of bullies in a dilapidated machine city.
  • Samorost 2 - Guide a valiant gnome who must save his dog after it is abducted by a pair of fruit-stealing aliens.
Plus, if you pay more than $8.74 you will get
  • Windosill - A delightful point-and-click puzzle game built around odd visuals and surprising interactions.
  • Kooky - The Czech full-length feature film Kooky tells the tale of a stuffed bear on a quest to return home after being thrown away, featuring an imaginative blend of live-action sequences, stop motion, and puppet animation.

To get the Steam keys, you should pay more than $5. Also, if you buy these bundle, You will get the OST Album of these games!

I myself wanted to make some Flash games as a hobby, and I'm very happy to see these kinds of games released on Steam, GOG and other digital distributors. I also played Machinarium and I can't say anything but that game is a work of art! Great music, great art and great puzzles! All in all, Machinarium is a great point and click adventure game.

I'm expecting Botanicula to be great, if not better than anything they've released.  Buying this bundle will let you choose whether to give this to the developers, World Land Trust or to Humble Bundle, Inc.

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