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Guild Wars 2: Guild up with OMGeek

The Guild Wars 2 launch is so close that I want to flip all the office tables to appease my anxiety (well not really, because that means I'll have to go fix all the computers that fell).

But we still yet to have a solid guild name for our community, thus we're holding the Guild Name Suggestions thread up to August 12, 2012. So if you think you have a cool name with the OMGk acronmys in mind, please don't be shy to post it.

We will conduct a poll also from August 13 to 20 on which name will appropriately christen our guild.

If you already pre-purchased the game and aren't part of the roster yet, please post on the info thread, to make known to all you plan to join the guild. Also, keep an eye on that thread as we will be posting important information like our final guild name (the most important!) and which server we are planning to play on (still deciding on this one).

And of course if you have any information or want to post anything related to Guild Wars 2, feel free to post em in our Guild Wars 2 Boards.

I'm personally looking forward to guilding up with you OMGeeks as I never personally was ever involved in an active guild during the first game. (What about the awesome Jolly Rogers of Endless Virtue [JREV]??? -ed)

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