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Getting married and my new perspective on my gaming habits

In a month or so, as some of you in the community may know, I will be stepping into one of the biggest and most important chapters of my life. Tying the knot obviously is a big commitment, and with that comes a lot of changes and even compromises.

I’ve come to grips already that my so-called “golden-age” of gaming has already come to an end. No more marathon sessions of gaming that can last up to 4+ hours, or those late night sessions that could stretch to early mornings. My wife-to-be will have none of that. In fact, we have already settled on a gaming curfew. With all the wedding planning going on, I’ve yet to really think about these things and realize that I’ll be somewhat entering a big change in just a few months.

Even before all of this, I’ve already considered time as a precious resource, and I would like to think that I’ve spent it well on gaming. I will be poised to take on a greater challenge on how to manage it even further.

Since my focus and energy will be primarily directed towards building a family and my career, certain sacrifices have to be made and part of it will be shaving off some serious gaming time. It’s an unavoidable but necessary choice that I will have to make while facing these new, and admittedly a bit daunting, responsibilities.

This is by no means an admission of quitting the hobby, but I’ll be definitely more picky on which games I chose to invest my time in from now on. I wouldn’t go as far as limiting myself to some genres, but I envision myself diving into games that have a really satisfying experiences both in Single-player and multiplayer games. And speaking of multiplayer games, most definitely co-op games will have top priority, since I’ve never seen myself as a really competitive type of gamer. There’s just something about co-op gaming experiences that will always be more memorable and fulfilling for me (which I will go more into in a future post).

Here’s hoping though that I can get my future wife into gaming. Be my permanent player 2 (should have used that when I proposed). She’s already actually started to play some games with me. The list includes Terraria, Minecraft, Dungeon Defenders and Anno 2070 (yes, that city building game). But due to her bad connection at her home, we've really had limited time to play. I’m looking forward the day she moves in with me and we could finally continue our co-op session in Anno. Not to sound too cheesy, but those with significant others who share the same hobby can attest that gaming with the person you love is one of the best feelings in the world. Well, it's not just limited to gaming, but any activity that you can both actively enjoy.

Change is always good and I welcome it. My life will no longer be about just me but will include a special person. Having hobbies is one thing, but knowing how to prioritize and to compromise is another. It’s definitely a sacrifice for one, but we all have to grow up sometime and like in the games we play, we’re usually focused on reaching the “Main Objective”. I would say that real life could be curiously similar.

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