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5 Realizations of a Gamer Parent

Since my daughter turned a year old, it truly has been a struggle to keep up with video games. When talking with other gamer parents, surprisingly, we usually have a bunch of common issues that we like to vent and here is a list that I have compiled so far:

No time as a gamer parent

Ah, the credence of all gamer parents out there. Having no time (or not enough time) to play games is the war cry of parents who once used to spend hours and hours gaming, but now could hardly pick up the controller because of their kids.

Learning to play during odd hours

Because of the lack of a proper game schedule, gamer parents are forced to play either during early mornings or late at nights. We ignore the call of sleep and try our darndest to stay up so we can game.

Watch the language


In the rarest of rare chance that your spouse is nice enough to keep your kid company so you could game a bit, watching our language has been a conscious effort. Gamer parents are so accustomed to spouting profanity to our screens when we are caught in frustrating situations. Keeping our language “PG friendly” has been a real struggle, but a necessity. We wouldn’t want our kids first words be: “This is so fucking OP!”

Creative with distractions

It’s hard for the kids to stay put and get them engaged with an activity. It’s hard for gamer parents to sit peacefully and play games without their kids reaching for random things and attempting to put things in their mouths. So finding everyday items and shoving into your kid’s hands can sometimes prove a challenge. Cordless phones, remotes and even unused game controllers are my weapons of choice. For some reason, game controllers are also the best distractions and kids seemingly intuitively hold them the proper way and right side up (at least for my daughter).

Hopeful for the future

As gamer parents, we’re just actually impatient for our kids to grow up so they can finally (and hopefully) embrace the hobby as we ourselves do. Personally, I can’t wait for the day that I will be playing coop games with my daughter and wife and label that as quality family bonding time.


As a gamer parent, it has been a tough road so far, but a very interesting one! Fellow gamer parents, I’d like to hear from you also what have you learned through the years struggling to keep the hobby alive while nurturing your kids.

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