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Extended Operation: Solstice Striker AAR

With the dedication and spectacular performance of OMGeek Warfighters we were able to complete Extended Operation: Solstice Striker in 2 days, as it was expected to last 4 days.

The mission was a complete success and we would like to thank all the soldiers who participated.

Here are some visual highlights during the course of the operation:

(Preparing for a night convoy to the main target)


(Angry opposition shooting at jRev for getting their flag)


(Back safe and sound with the flag on his back)


(Group shot with those who participated in the side mission to capture the flag)


(Popped green smoke for our LZ)


(Time to mount up)


(Another side mission that entails blowing up a radio tower)


(The aftermath of clearing the said tower)


(While clearing the town, Chino gets up on the roof and tries to find any stragglers around town) 


(Asking assistance from our Abrams. Overkill? I don't think so) 


(Blowing up another tower, but this time with the cover of night)

(Ryan salutes for a job well done)


(Recon for the main target, enemy armor bunching up in area)


(Checking out the radio tower. Single BMP guarding it with multiple infantry)


Again, we would like to thank everyone who participated, especially during the final push for the last town. Everybody held the line and took over the town completely.

We will surely be doing another operation more massive than this one. Be sure to check your comms and point your range finders here to get the proper intel.

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