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Dragunov Gaming Mouse - For the Budget PC Gamer

t43m4n aka Peds was nice enough to put together a short review on a budget gaming mouse in the forums. It retails for a shockingly low price of only USD $10 / MYR 30 / SGD $12.60 / PHP 490. At the moment it is only sold in the Philippines but I suspect this should start popping up in other countries in Southeast Asia very soon. I personally can’t wait to play around with one and use as either a back up or an office mouse. It really isn’t bad for a paltry USD$10. The only down side? The packaging uses the image of an AR-15 instead of its namesake the Dragunov SVD rifle. The company I believe is Japanese and the website can be found here

“Features include an adjustable DPI switch (4 modes - 800, 1600, 2400, 3200dpi), braided cable, nice matte and rubbery finish. At this price, you would expect to pick it up in a hard plastic packaging like other mice priced at $10. Bad news for those who want cheap packaging. This bad boy comes in a box with a free mouse pad (nothing fancy but hey, it's free).”

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