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Coop Commentary - Borderlands 2 (or: Gunshoots for His Lordship Sir Hammerlock)

Coop Commentary is a series of posts designed to give you an idea as to how the gameplay feels in our eyes. It is not meant to be a definitive review in any way shape or form about the game. The 3 of us usually kick back every couple of weeks and play a coop game and decided to write down our thoughts.

What we're playing:

Borderlands 2!

Who we're playing:

Mike (blitzio): Axton (the new turret guy) James (INQUE): Salvador (the dwarf) Jed (jRev): Zer0, or the significantly less cuter name of Zero (the masked guy)

Check inside for our initial foray into Borderlands 2!


Playing as Axton, the military esque Commando with a portable turret, I immediately focused on providing fire support for Jed and James. In accordance with US army field manual #3246 in article XII, the doctrine for positional superiority dictates that an engaged and prolonged nature of attack must commence from the rear with combined arms and support. Ok I totally made that bit up. Milfag detected.

You now have a grenade.

Moving forward, I think the playstyle of this class is for the kind of person who enjoys hanging back and providing covering and suppressing fire for his comrades. From time to time I’d find a perch, switch to a heavy damage sniper rifle and hit targets while the turret provides cover fire for the boys, feels good man. I’d say our group dynamic has been pretty solid with constant communication on Teamspeak and using the typical fire and manuever basic tactics we have learned from other games and movies we have watched over the years; which as 4chan would term in true “milfag” fashion.

Us raiding Roland's pad!

Having played the first Borderlands, the transition to this was pretty seamless, with obvious graphical and visual improvements, however I am experiencing the occassional fps drop/stutter which is pretty strange on my machine (i5 2500k, 8GB Ram, GTX 680). Upon meticulous googling, I realised this problem is pretty common for guys with Nvidia cards, so I’m hoping for a future patch/driver update. Otherwise the game is still very playable for me, and I look forward to many more coop sessions and completing the game with the boys.


Half an hour after our brief character creation session, we were knee-deep in Bullymong entrails and bandit corpses. We made the acquaintance of the dapper Sir Hammerlock, and began to gravitate towards our preferred weapons.

Buying guns at the Happy Pig Motel: fun for the whole family!

Borderlands is like a psych exam in loot form: you can tell much about a person from his weapons of choice in Borderlands. I went with a grenade launcher/SMG combo -- I prefer the indirect approach, so the grenades are for indiscriminate firing from a distance, and the SMG is for emptying out into the backs of bandit heads after I sneak behind them with my invisibility power. I also have a sword, which of course is for embedding into the backsides of my enemies. No direct confrontation here -- my two teammates are doing enough of that already. INQUE is always grabbing shotguns left and right, and blitzio has his assault rifle and turret.

The neatest thing about all this is certainly the wide range of guns that the game can spit out at us! We've got pistols that have side-loading mags, shotguns with drums, and fire-spitting assault rifles that only accept high-tech batteries. We actually spent a good amount of time showing off our guns -- something we do in RPGs that lack other show-offable things like silly hats. Unfortunately, some animations like "fanning" a single-action revolver aren't visible on the third person model. That's a bit of a shame.

Shown here: INQUE's magnificent pink car.

We did get some adventuring done, too. We quickly established the unspoken rule that Claptrap must always be shot in the face whenever he talks, and that pink vehicles are hip and stylish. We leapt our fair share of ravines and failed less than half of those attempts. We also went on a merry hunt for Bullymong fur, chasing wounded Bullymongs all over the icy expanse to punch them dead (only Bullymongs killed by melee will drop fur), only to moan loudly when a stray bullet from a trigger-happy spread lands on the wrong target.

Good times. Now that we have a nice and secure operation based out of Sanctuary, things can only get better and wilder from here!


After the new classes were being revealed before the game was released, I decided on the get-go I wanted to play as the “Gunzerker”. Not only did Salvador look like a dwarf, he can dual-wield any combination of guns in the game. I long for the day when I can get 2 rocket launchers and keep spamming’ em to hell. But so far, while putting in a few hours into the game with Jed and Mike, the experience has been very enjoyable.


Shooting and collecting guns, guns, guns is what’s it all about and the game does it very well. For now I’ve been focusing on collecting good assault rifles and shotguns, the launchers have just been introduced and I’m very much looking forward to them (SEE: dual rocket launchers above).

Standing back while Claptrap takes a serious beating. We stood back and enjoyed the view for longer than was probably appropriate or polite.

I am genuinely looking forward to progressing the game and wanting more guns to shoot at those blasted bullymongs (and Claptrap)!

NEXT TIME: We get into the groove of questing and take the bandit technical for a long desert drive!

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