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Coop Commendation: Renegade Ops

Welcome to the very first installment of Coop Commendation, where Koop is King, and spelling goes right down the drainpipe. Through this series, we intend to share our cooperative play experiences and opinions, as well as give our impressions of games that offer cooperative play as a gameplay mode. Coop Commendation is not a review column; we will still feature specific games, but we will mainly discuss the cooperative experience, and how fun it was for us to play through the game as a group.

In this post, we'll be discussing the high-octane twin-stick blastfest that is Renegade Ops!


Awesome. That’s how I can describe my experience playing RenOps. From the ridiculously over the top dialog to the gorgeous Avalanche Engine 2.0 based on Havok’s solid tried and tested physics engine. When I first played this I was thinking to myself, wow this has BF3’s graphics from a top down view with matchbox cars under your control. What else is this game about? Explosions and blowing things up. Over and over again. The physics engine allows for stunning visuals of tanks, armoured vehicles and helicopters blowing up in spectacular fashion like a Michael Bay movie, only better, so much better.

When it comes to coop, what I really enjoyed was the experience of moving from point to point with your buddies capturing or destroying objectives while the chief bad guy shrieks at you in comic form. There are 9 missions which you can play with up to 4 of your buddies, and I must say this is the best way to enjoy the game. Make sure you have a gamepad controller and fire up voice chat and sit back to enjoy a really pleasing coop experience that leaves you laughing with your friends and blowing everything up in your path. The strength of this game is its simplicity. At its very core this a no frills and fun game to play while you kick back after a long day at work or school. In my opinion it’s a great game to unwind with, like an ice cold beer.


Renegade Ops is already perfect. The only thing they could do to drive Renegade Ops into new dimensions of greatness is to turn it into M.A.S.K.: The Game. Sure, I had a blast guiding Gunnar and his bouncy little jeep through jungles, deserts, gigantic military platforms, and mysterious underground complexes, but imagine how much better it could have been if I could play a cool 80s dude in tinted aviators whose lime-green motorcycle could transform into an attack helo at the press of a button. The game's cast is composed of the staple 80s gimmicky heroes of the ragtag variety, but unlike the grunts of G.I. Joe, these heroes are savvy enough to know that You Never Get Out of the Car. Therefore, I love this game, even if it isn't M.A.S.K.: The Game.

The coop aspect more than makes up for the lack of snappy acronym-based team names like M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. The game supports up to four players playing through the campaign, and with the full complement of four, it is sublime. Because you never run out of ammo for your basic gun, you can basically drive everywhere and do all sorts of powerslidey stunts while firing enough rounds per minute to whittle down Ayers Rock into a fine mound of instant milk chocolate. Multiply this by four and you've got Contra on wheels with two additional players, minus the notable dying-every-two-seconds habit that most classic Contra games tend to feature. The bottom line is this: Renegade Ops is all about shooting and blowing things up and laughing at the barefaced shameless 80s bluntness of it all with up to three of your friends. On wheels. I love this game. Even if it isn't M.A.S.K.: The Game, it's close enough for now.


I think Jed and Mike totally summed up how good the game is with coop. Blowing shit up and laughing at the cheesy lines that Bryant and Inferno throw at each other is gold right there. It’s a simple game to pick up and play with your buddies, if you want something relaxing while looking at some pretty explosions.

Each character has its own unique special ability, so knowing when to dish out your special attack is vital for this coop-centric game. Calling an air-strike, commanding some antlions (yes for some reason Gordon Freeman is around) or getting an energy barrier up that heals, needs some straight-up communication with your buddies. To control your awesome vehicle, a game pad is highly recommend with dual analog sticks. I personally used an Xbox 360 controller as the game was made for it, but I’m sure any 3rd party gamepads will work with the game. Movement and combat feel very natural with the controller. Delivering some hurt to the enemies felt very very satisfying (my favorite secondary weapon are the missiles).

For the love of everything coop and huge explosions (I do love me some explosions), get this game and get some of your closest buddies to join you. You will thank us after.

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