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Community, what Coop games are you currently playing and what are your all time favourites?

Completing campaigns and objectives alongside your bros is always a fun experience. First I’d like to get a better understanding as to which coop games you guys love, and then establish this as a sort of bi weekly or monthly post, checking in regularly on what coop games the community is currently playing. I think this will be a fun exercise, giving us all an idea as to what coop games are out there and also discuss our love for old classics as well as some of the new games to look forward to. I’d love to keep a running discussion because truth is, coop is fun, and I know most of us enjoy it because it means we can interact and experience the storyline in a communal and shared environment.

So tell us, what are you currently powering through and what coop games have stuck with you over the years? My personal favourites include the Left 4 Dead series, Men of War (comp stomping), Company of Heroes (comp stomping again!) and I guess you could include ArmA 2 since we pretty much play against the AI at all times. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been currently playing Anno 2070 and Mass Effect 3 on coop and its been good fun. One is strategy/colony development while the other is a third person shooter which I think satisfy and balance out my gaming needs just right.

I’d really like to hear from you on this. Drop a comment or post in the thread.

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