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Community Forum RoundUp - Reconnoitering ghosts with frozen synapses and a dash of payne

A lot of excitement on upcoming games like Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Max Payne 3 in the forum this past week. In the Ghost Recon thread, Jet posted a video review of the game: [youtube_sc url=""]

I can't wait for June 15 to hit, when the PC version is out in all its glory and we can get some coop action going. Discuss and post your interest if you want to get in on the coop action with the rest of the community!

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Max Payne 3 also hits this week! Check out the thread here. 3rd person multiplayer with bullet time anyone? Launch trailer below.

[youtube_sc url="osvR3tJOcPc"]

INQUE, in between running the ArmA 2 group and server is also now organising a small coop group for the indie phased-turn tactics game, Frozen SynapseCheck out his thread here. I'll let the video speak for itself on what the game is all about.

[youtube_sc url="9jJrUY27O0Y"]

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