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Bioshock Infinite Prices in the Philippines have been Released!

Bioshock Infinite is almost here, guys! I'm pretty excited. OMGeek hadn't been born yet when the original Bioshock came out, but you can bet I talked my friends' ears raw about Bioshock and how I was going to love it.

But that's neither here nor there. For gamers in the Philippines, we have the scoop on retail prices when the game comes out tomorrow. We'll be sharing the prices for the console releases as well -- for good will's sake and all that. Check inside for all the info!

Standard edition

Includes: the game in a delightfully standard manner PC: Php 1,895 PS3: Php 2,295 XBOX: Php 2,095

Premium edition

Includes: all of the above plus exclusive in-game gear, a Murder of Crows keychain, a Handyman game resin-cast figurine, a lithograph print, and an art book PC: Php 3,295 PS3: Php 3,350 XBOX: Php 3,350

Songbird edition

Includes: all of the above plus a rare 9.5 inch statue of Elizabeth's mysterious and powerful jailer, the Songbird PC: Php 6,495 PS3: Php 6,495 XBOX: Php 6,495

Local distributor X-Play Online Games will be bringing the game to the Philippines. "We are very exited with our latest FPS offering," said Ron Aquino, GM of X-Play. "This game definitely offers a refreshing breadth of features that players look for in an FPS game that they cannot find in other titles."

X-Play is offering a free soundtrack and gear DLC with each pre-order:

All they have to do is provide their contact information to any of the listed retailers, and a DLC code will be sent back via SMS or e-mail. Pre-order offer expires midnight of March 27, 2013.

Bioshock Infinite can be pre-ordered from the following stores:

Aaaaand I made it through without making a single "Would You Kindly" joke. Yeah! How do you feel about Bioshock Infinite? Let us know in the forums!

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