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Being a PC gamer in Southeast Asia Makes Me Jelly of our Western Counterparts

Tactics, solid teamwork and camaraderie are what I have always craved for whenever I play any military shooter. Call me an idealist, but that’s how I enjoy my gaming. Stats such as K/D ratios or individual score never appealed to me. I take pride and joy in being a beneficial team player and helping the team win. This is one of the main foundations that OMGeek is built on, and we would like to gather players from around Southeast Asia with the same ideals and principles. I must say that this is a rare species to find, but fortunately, our numbers seem to have been growing steadily.

But before this great community existed, I’d always find myself craving and wanting to join established communities such as Tactical Gamer and Forgotten Honor. Both communities are founded on the same principles of my gaming philosophies. Unfortunately, since they are based in the west, two big roadblocks stopped me in my tracks from joining them: server location and time zone. There’s no way that I’ll be joining servers where I’d keep second guessing my aim due to lag. Waking up also at 3am just to join one of their campaigns wasn’t plausible since I do have a day job with regular hours. Too bad that it wasn’t practical on my end.

But what makes these two communities great that I’m dying to join them? Well let me break it down for you:

Tactical Gamer is a community founded on the principles on of housing mature players and having great teamwork. It’s an ideal community for players who aren’t into clans but want to experience the same level of teamwork. They pride themselves with the following features in their community:

    • Mature organized teamplay (sound familiar?)
    • Promotes teamwork and tactics above all else
    • Not really focused on competitive performance

Forgotten Honor provides a meta experience to military shooters by providing long term campaigns and having military ranks within the different groups participating. These are the main features they have in their community:

    • Structured hierarchy, having ranks similar to the Army
    • Long military campaigns (meta-game)
    • Promotes mature attitude and teamplay

I asked myself: why can’t we have something like this in our region? Aren’t there any other PC gamers with the same ideals and frame of mind? Is it all about quick fixes and fragging each other? For the sake of our hobby, I certainly hope not. With these types of communities around, a game such as ARMA 2, which is notoriously a niche game in our region, would be played lot more and the experience would increase tenfold.

I’ll use ARMA 2 as a perfect example since it’s a game that has a very slow pace and a lot patience is needed--a simulation in every aspect and the learning curve is quite steep. With the right kind of people to play with, this game can truly be satisfying, plus you get to live out your mil-sim fantasies, if that gets you off. Imagine this scenario: You belong in a five man fireteam. You approach a small town which is located somewhere in the middle-east. The darkness of the night gives you cover to the unsuspecting OPFOR. Everybody goes prone along the ridge and surveys the village to know the patterns of the sentries. The team leader instructs his team to position themselves around the perimeter of the town and to start firing only on his command. Once all fire team members check in their confirmation, the team leader gives the green light to open fire and flashes of light start popping all over. After the barrage ends, everybody rallies inside the town and starts securing it. Once secured, team leader requests for a transport out to the next active AO. A few minutes later, a Chinook arrives and the whole fire team starts mounting up.  This was an unbelievable experience and I still vividly remember this event as if it happened yesterday. I genuinely craved for more of it.

Sadly, it’s the numbers we lack here in Southeast Asia and it’s hard to find a dedicated group who can pursue this game on a consistent basis.

I’m genuinely hoping, and I apologize in advance if this sounds self-serving, that OMGeek can foster a community that has the same ideals as Tactical Gamer and Forgotten Hope. Admittedly we were heavily inspired by those two communities when forming OMGeek, and this is something we will pursue with a passion. PC gaming isn’t just about being entertained by fragging one another, because it’s all about working together as a solid unit and achieving a single goal. I know it sounds too idealistic, but I’m proud to say, that’s how I game.

Hoping to hear from some like-minded gamers. Chime in on our forums if this kind of gaming appeals to you.

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