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BE ADVISED: Battlefield 3 Server is Up

Babumbum-badum dum babumbum-badum dumThat's right OMGeeks! Our Battlefield 3 server is up and running. Apologies to the slight delays as we had to tweak some settings to get it working right.

Click here to directly go to our server via Battlelog and don't forget to favorite the server!

Our official VOIP system will be Mumble. To set it up, one of our members, Desperado, came out with a very comprehensive guide on how to connect and set it up properly.

Don't forget to drop by our Steam chatroom first to hook up with other fellow OMGeeks!

See you in the Battlefield! HOOAH!

Here is a rundown of the server details:

  • GSP:
  • Server name: Tactical SE Asia
  • Game mode : Conquest
  • Players: 48 players (At the moment!)

Server Settings:

  • FF = ON (Watch your fire!)
  • Killcam = OFF

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