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Batman: Arkham City raffle winner to be announced tomorrow!


In a perfect world, whoever wins tomorrow would be preloading and playing Batman: Arkham City within a few hours of receiving the good news. Unfortunately, the world is not such a perfect place. And war never changes.

Nevertheless, we shall proceed with the draw tomorrow. Here's how it's going to work:

  1. Each OMGeek supporter will get one (1) entry in the raffle. OMGeek Gold Supporters will get two (2).
  2. We will prepare one (1) entry stub for every entry on the list. The member's name shall be printed on their respective stub(s).
  3. All the stubs will be folded up.
  4. We'll get a hat or a bowl.
  5. We will mix all these stubs in said hat or bowl.
  6. We will do the Dance of Joy.
  7. One of us will pick out a stub from the hat.
  8. First pick wins. There's nothing else to it!

The drawing shall happen tomorrow, November 16, 2011, at 12 noon (GMT +8). Tomorrow, one of you will be the lucky owner of the grimiest, seediest, most dangerous part of Gotham City--crazy costumed creeps included free of charge.

Good luck, everyone!

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