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Announcement: We like to Stare at Screens

Mentlegen, a word.

You might be aware that OMGeek is passionately dedicated to being the instrument that brings the diverse gamer population of Southeast Asia together into a friendly, tight-knit community. It's not always easy, and we've already had our various ups and downs. But gosh durn, ain't no one else gone do this and a man's gotta bear the Lord's work hisself 'afore he gets his just desserts. Cue tumbleweeds tumbling, rattlesnakes rattling, coyotes howling, and the distinct timbre of a banjo being broken over someone's head.

No, working towards one great big Southeast Asian gaming community is not easy. Fortunately, as is turns out, we're not alone in this!

We're very excited to announce that we've gotten in touch with the delightful people behind Staring at Screens, a highly entertaining gaming podcast based in Singapore! Not only did we feel an instant rapport the moment we loaded up their first episode (because we, too, grew up all intense and bleary-eyed from too much Staring at Screens during our largely productive youth), but we also appreciate the distinct Asian perspective that they offer when it comes to games and gaming culture.

Starting next week, we will be posting updates about SAS's episodes as they go live! We're hoping to extend their reach to promote more interaction and discussion among gamers in the region. In the meantime, if you haven't done so yet, drop by the Staring at Screens website to listen to all their episodes, and follow the crew on Twitter: @StaringScreens.

Go listen! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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