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06/28/2012 - Leaked documents


From: CPT INQUE Blackjack Actual

Subject: Operation: Rogue Thunder progress report, request for reinforcements

Upon our arrival at the main base on the southern airfield, both Wolfpack and Blackjack Actuals conducted a general briefing on the mission parameters of the operation. Following the briefing, the men geared up and loaded up in their assigned vehicles. The plan of action was to roll in via convoy and set up FOB Alpha a few kilometers away from the town of Mulladost. I have attached a detailed AAR on this report, but in summary, I am saddened to report that we sustained significant casualties, due to enemy counter-attack. Fortunately, we were able to successfully push back all enemy resistance but not without any casualties from our own.

The town of Nagara was also successfully captured, as reported by Chino (Wolfpack Actual). A detailed AAR should be on it’s way. I was not involved with the attack since I was responsible with asset consolidation and repair back at Main Base.

Our next target will be Nur. SAT imagery shows that the town is populated with a lot of residential structures. I’m predicting that collateral damage will not be avoided with our next attack. The SEA-JTF has already captured the northern airfield in Rasman and established FOB Bravo. We plan to mobilize all armored assets and surround the town to quickly dominate the town to reduce any friendly casualties. We will also attempt to employ CAS in form of the AH-64D, but reports from Reaper team have been encountering some technical difficulties from the vehicle. I suspect the bad weather might have affected the instruments and if deemed unusable, the AH-6 is on standby and can be called upon at any time.

As Captain of the SEA-JTF, I humbly request from High Command to send more reinforcements to our AO. We plan our major attack on Nur at 6/29/2012 on 2000hrs (GMT+8). Please send all abled soldiers to the Southern Airfield ASAP. This will indeed increase the chances to take over the town and not to mention the survivability of our troops. If granted with enough number of reinforcements, it could be possible to take over another town shortly after Nagara. We understand that the people and the media do not approve of our actions and must swiftly end this campaign right away. On a personal note, I would also like to see the boys go back to their families ASAP, as they have been fighting hard the past few days.

I will send my next progress report on 7/4/2012.

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