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06/26/2012 - Mulladost Siezed; Heavy Fighting Breaks Out in Takistan

ZARGABAD - No less than fifteen Takistani civilians were found dead on Sunday, June 24, as members of the Southeast Asian Joint Task Force (SEA-JTF) stormed and liberated the town of Mulladost from local militia control. Twenty-three other civilians were discovered in various buildings, all bearing the signs of physical and mental torture. Two of them were found hanging by their heels from the ceiling. When questioned by this reporter, one of the victims stated that they had been held for “suspected collaboration with the foreign invasion force”. The person questioned was one of only five captives who could speak and understand English. The raid was carried out successfully in the wake of a heavy aerial strike by the Takistani militia against a SEA-JTF outpost.

Earlier that day, fighting broke out among US and Takistani forces in the vicinity of Mulladost. Fleeing residents reported small arms fire and sounds of several large engines, and witnesses claim that they saw a helicopter explode in mid-air. No official tally of casualties has been released by local officials at this time.

Troops stationed at the SEA-JTF forward operating base codenamed FOB Alpha suffered heavy casualties. Local Takistani militia launched an assault consisting of Hind attack helicopters, overwhelming SEA-JTF troops stationed at FOB Alpha, and causing their assault teams in the field to pull back to provide support. Among those who rushed to provide aid was SSGT jedi304, a forward operating scout sniper who was positioned several kilometers away.

“I couldn’t believe it,” says assistant base commander 1LT blitzio, one of the soldiers involved, as he recounts the rescue carried out by SSGT jedi304 and his other companions. “I thought I was dead, and all of a sudden I knew someone was helping me out of the wreckage. I opened my eyes, and... ‘I came back for you guys,’ he said. He came back. They all came back.”

SEA-JTF forces secured the town of Mulladost after recovering from the attack and launching a counteroffensive. Heavy firefights continue to erupt all throughout Takistan.

UPDATE 6/26:

"We reassessed our tactical warfighting capabilities and despite minimal losses during the light skirmish in the vicinity of FOB Alpha, we were able to push forward and accomplish all our objectives to provide peace and security in this region of Takistan,” said Captain INQUE, commanding officer of the SEA-JTF and base commander of FOB Alpha.

When pressed for exact casualty numbers that the SEA-JTF suffered, CPT INQUE responded, “I could not comment on current military operations."

Civilians have confirmed reports of multiple KIAs from SEA-JTF troops. Burning wrecks were reported to be seen even from FOB Alpha. CPT INQUE denied these allegations as Takistani propaganda. When further pressed, CPT INQUE further disregarded the burning wrecks of vehicles as simply "small arms fire ricocheting off the base humvees and chipping the paint".

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