DXRacer Formula Series Review

by Steve Willis on March 29, 2015

Sitting in front of a screen is not a natural body position, you’re hunched up, static and usually hot.  So it makes sense to invest in a good chair. Think about your back, your circulation and your vitals, all can suffer from a poor chair choice and in extreme cases […]


Calling all Indie Devs!: Submit your game to Indie Prize!

by James Chua on March 26, 2015

  To all aspiring indie game devs out there in Southeast Asia, you can now submit your games to Indie Prize! Simply submit all games on […]


The OMGeek Show – For our very first episode we play Evolve

by Mike Ferrer on March 21, 2015

It’s finally here! Our latest project and content for the community is finally ready after many months of planning and preparation. We’re proud to present […]


MyRepublic Fibre review – Affordable gigabit fibre in Singapore

by Mike Ferrer on March 19, 2015

My journey to MyRepublic Fibre I first heard about the offering in Jan 2014 when it was advertised as the cheapest gigabit fibre plan in Singapore. At $49.99 it truly was a shock to the system for the incumbent ISPs who at the time either didn’t have anything to compete […]